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  • Ningxia Bornstein Import & Export Co., Ltd

  •  [Guangdong,China]
  • Jenis usaha:Organisasi , Perusahaan perdagangan , Pabrikan
  • Main Mark: Afrika , Asia , Timur Tengah
  • eksportir:41% - 50%
  • deskripsi:Pesticides Rat Bait,Organic Pesticide,Mix Pesticide,Chemical Pesticides,,
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Ningxia Bornstein Import & Export Co., Ltd

Pesticides Rat Bait,Organic Pesticide,Mix Pesticide,Chemical Pesticides,,

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Kategori produk Pesticide, kami adalah produsen khusus dari Cina, Pesticides Rat Bait, Organic Pesticide pemasok / pabrik, grosir berkualitas tinggi produk dari Mix Pesticide R & D dan manufaktur, kami memiliki sempurna layanan purna jual dan dukungan teknis. Berharap untuk kerjasama Anda!
Cina Pesticide Pemasok

Pesticide generalized definition is used to prevent, eliminate or control hazards of agriculture, forestry disease, insect, grass and other harmful organisms and purposefully regulate, control, influence plant and harmful biological metabolism, growth, development, reproduction process of chemical synthesis or other natural products derived from biological, and application of biotechnology to produce a substance or a mixture of several substances and their preparations.In the narrow sense refers to the agricultural production, to protect and promote the growth of plants and crops, the use of insecticidal, sterilization, destroy harmful animals (or weeds) to a category of drugs.Especially used in pest control and regulating plant growth in agriculture, weeding, etc.
According to the sources of raw materials can be divided into organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, pesticides, microbial pesticide plant.In addition, there are insects.According to the processing formulations can be divided into powder, wettable powder, soluble powder, cream, butter, concentrated emulsion, cream, paste, gel agent, smoke agent, fumigants, smoke agent, agent, granulation and particles, etc.Most is liquid or solid, is a gas.

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